Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crazy Town

I like it when public figures go cray cray or get pissed. It makes me feel as though they are humans too. When Britney spent the whole of 2007 acting ridiculous, I couldn't get enough of it. Bring on the stabbing umbrellas and stank eyes!

 She hasn't been the only entertainment in the mental break down section. Teresa Giudice anyone? Prue.Gold.

Pretty such ole' D Trump had a minor melt down last night on twitter. Maybe his rage was an out of body experience and he had no control over his rant. He might have shown the first signs of a pre Britney circa 2007 melt down. What makes it even better and exciting to watch was Brian Williams reaction. Meow. Let's get a fighting cage out and let them at it! The whole situation made me giggle because, yes... that just happened. 

THAT just happened


  1. Thanks for linking up! I think everyone totally forgets about B Spears going psycho after she has semi redeemed herself. Thanks for the reminder! Haha

  2. My favorite B Spears moment was her foray into the public restroom in bare feet. Multiple times.

    I caught up on Trump's twitter melt down on the train this morning. Good stuff!

  3. Train wreck. Love it. Can't stop watching those crazzzzy girls.

  4. poor celebrities...they can't hide their crazy sides because everyone is always watching!! I feel sorry (even as I chuckle) at them :)

  5. Bless these celebrity's hearts. My favorite part? Brian Williams saying, "that happened."

  6. Haha!! loved this post.

    I'm your newest follower,



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