Sunday, November 18, 2012

Staying Up with the Owls


I think I've already told you how much I love my sleep. In fact I think I've told you that I act like a grandma when it comes to calling it a night at 12AM sharp on the weekends.... if I'm feeling adventurous. Well this week I'm turning my schedule upside down. This Tuesday I'm working the grave yard shift. GASP! Why did I volunteer for this? Yes.. I volunteered. I think I was blinded by the idea of bookoo bucks. I need to keep reminding myself of that. 

So the shift starts at 7PM and lasts till 7AM. Technically I'm only on call so the night could either drag on endlessly or it could consist of me sleeping the entire night if the pager does not go off. I'm guessing I'm going to be so anxious though that a deep sleep is out of the question. To pump myself up, I've been thinking of all the junk food I can consume in the wee hours of the night. Everyone knows that food eaten after a certain hour does not go straight to your hips. Duh. Secondly I have been telling myself that the naps the following day are going to by VERY high quality. To me, naps can be a highlight of the day. I know I looked forward to my 2PM nap time during undergrad. It was glorious! Are you a night owl or grave yard shift worker? Any pointers for this sleep lover?


  1. I usually work 3-11 because I’m in school but I have to work 7a-7p every third weekend which I HATE. Whenever I have to sleep and I’m not tired or need to ensure a good night’s sleep I turn on a sleep machine which makes a nice rain sound. Plus maybe a tylenol PM if I’m really struggling.

  2. I used to work in the hospital, and I would have to work overnights sometimes. I would just nap beforehand, drink a ton of coffee, and make sure I walked around often to keep myself awake. But truthfully, I am not an overnight person. I would be so cranky for 3 days after the night shift.

  3. Eat lots of protein. I used to work the late shift at a hotel and protein got me through. Good Luck. I love my sleep too!

  4. Good luck hun! I would be a zombie if I ever had to work the night shift. Hopefully it isn't too bad!

  5. Blehh! I can not function at all after midnight!


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