Welcome to Betwixt & Between! 

My name is Kathleen. People try to call me Kathy, Katie, Kay, Katherine, or Weenie (?) but let's just stick with Kathleen. :)

So far I have not thought of an overall theme for this blog. You will probably just see random posts surrounding my awkward adventures. 

I graduated with a Masters degree in the mental health field last spring and I am still trying to figure out if I'm considered a full fledge adult yet. It doesn't feel like that, thankfully, so I'm in limbo between the wonderful life of being a college student and the big kid world. Currently, I am betwixt and between! Hopefully I can pull this limbo off for a few more years!


  1. My dream is to finish my Masters in the Mental Health Field (MFT & Chemical Dependency Counseling). I am envious of your job in that field.

    I found your blog through the Vlog link up. Unlike yourself, I am not brave enough (yet?) to vlog, but I do enjoy watching others do it! lol

    You and your blog are adorable!

    Have a great week! :)

  2. Thanks Jenna! That field is amazingly fun for me. Mostly I get stares from people who don't understand why I enjoy it so I'm always happy to find people who like it! Thanks for stopping by :)


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