Thursday, October 11, 2012

Downside of College Life

I don't like this title but hear me out...

As I have mentioned before, I am in a strange limbo between college life and adult life. This could be looked at as a good thing because I get the best of both worlds. Today I wanted to talk about the best parts of leaving college behind (GASP!). 

One thing that clearly sticks out is not having to write numerous papers at one time. While I was getting my masters, it seemed as though the paper demand would never end. It definitely challenged me to have a better worth ethic but it was painful! My program liked to spring "group" papers on us as well. That could be the only thing worse than writing a research paper by yourself. Working with five other individuals, who had their own writing level, gave me a headache. 

Pointless classes really annoyed me. Why did I need to take math courses in my masters program if I was going into the mental health field? I'm sure there is a reason but I have yet to run into a situation where I said "man I wish I paid attention in statistics class!" At my undergraduate college I took many "filler" classes but I had a choice as to what pointless class to take. Such as a class to get acquainted with the library.... Yes, I took it and yes it was pointless but fun. There was even a class on Harry Potter but it didn't fit into my schedule! I cried. 

Being an intern. Enough said right? 

Spending a beautiful day stuck inside studying or telling your friends you can't go out because you have a project due is not the coolest. Towards the very end of school this became really hard because I was so close to being done but still trying to finish on a good note. Senioritis anyone?

I had to really think about the negatives of leaving college behind. While these things aren't fun, they made me into a who I am today. College was amazing and some days I wish I could do it all over again!

Freshman year on the Quad. So young. So innocent. Ha. 


  1. You look so wittle!! :)
    And I definitely agree with you on all of those things (minus all the "grad school" stuff because I didn't go that far).
    Having free time is pretty nice!

  2. Oh that I'm graduated I guess I can admit that there was more than one group paper I wrote by myself...those were never my favorite. There's definitely times when I miss college though...but I think if I actually were back in college, I wouldn't appreciate it much!


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