Monday, October 22, 2012

Tricky Coats


Why is finding a perfect winter coat like finding the holy grail? It doesn't happen. Every year I know that I need to get a coat that I can wear on a day-to-day basis but I never end up pulling the trigger. This might be the year! Probably not.  Once I find a great coat, I look at the price and cringe....which means it's not going to happen. Or my lack of fashion sense kicks into high gear. What I need to do is actually plan ahead and buy during the off season. Any ideas? Any free coats?


  1. I honestly hate looking for a coat. I am so picky because to me, a coat is like an accessory and it is hard to find a coat that is utilitarian enough while be fashionable. I just got rid of the coat I have worn the past few years because it looked like I had worn it for years. I have no clue where to even begin to find a new coat either...

  2. I always do that! Look at the price and then I'm like ohh no...but I guess it is a coat! You can always go thrifting! I am guilty of that!

    1. I think I need to look into that more! I'm always jealous of people who find great deals!!

  3. For me, the hard thing about coats right now is that I love so many of the ones I'm seeing in stores...and I can't afford to buy one at their crazy prices, let alone all of them! :)


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