Monday, October 8, 2012

Summer Where Art Thou?

Has summer left us for good? This week has been a shocker in the weather department. For some weird reason, my old apartment building has not turned on the furnace in the basement so the entire building is heatless. We have radiators in our apartment that we control but apparently they have to flip a switch to start the process. My roommate and I are walking around like eskimos in order to move around our place. One of our neighbors said they normally don't turn it on till November?! This can't be right.....

The lack of heat or being able to feel my toes made me assume that outside would be even colder. Lies. My roommate and I bundled up even more than we already were to brave the weather just to find out it was actually WARMER outside than in our apartment. Geez. We looked ridiculous with gloves, scarfs, and hats which we quickly took off.

Anyways, I went to the local farmers market this weekend with the proper attire to grab some goodies for a pinterest recipe. I love the atmosphere there. Do you have local farmers markets that you visit?


  1. Summer flew by so quickly. I miss it. I love my local farmers market. I would always frequent one in California and now I go to the local one here in Italy. It's fun and a great way to motivate oneself to eat healthier.

    Hope your furnace turns on soon!

  2. I bet the ones in Italy are amazing! And you're right I do feel more motivated to be healthy after a visit to the market. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Their fruits and veggies look AMAZING! And the prices are really good too from what I can see! And I don't know how you are functioning without heat. I have broke down and turned ours on... but only to 65. But hey, if I didn't I would never get out of bed.. Haha. You should invest in an electric heater.

  4. i love farmer's market photos.

    you captured some really great ones!



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