Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hy*Klas Wedding Affairs

One of my best friends got engaged a while ago to her hunny. Danielle and I went to high school together and also worked at a crazy grocery store called Hy*Klas (Get the title now?). The store was defiantly not "Hy*Klas" but that's another story. I get the honor of being one of Danielle's bridesmaid and today we went dress shopping for the first time. Now I have never been to a bridal store so I was like a giddy school girl even though I was not the bride. I believe Danielle was too....

                Waiting at the front door so we can push our way in when they opened.  

We Looked at some bridesmaid dresses that Danielle had liked on the website. These are the top 3 picks. Please excuse my awkward modeling. Her colors will be centered around peacock (haha funny word) so image these dresses in purple and/or tealish.  

Once that part was done, and a million picture texts were sent to the other bridesmaids, she got to try on wedding dresses! As you can tell, she could be a beautiful bride wearing a paper bag but here are some of her current choices. She had a cute lil heart on her dressing room with multiple dresses waiting to be tried on.

See what I mean? Each dress looked amazing! Can't wait to see which one she picks. Once all the fun was done, we did what any normal girl would do... pigged out at T Bell. Look how fitting her hot sauce was..

You can't go wrong with weddings and T Bell.

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