Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Manly Things

Are to-do lists still acceptable? I seem to make them all the time but I have one list that I just cannot add to the finished pile. My roommate and I made a to-do/bucket list when we moved into our apartment. We are both some what new to the area so we wanted to have a running list of activities and adventures we could try out in order to get the true "City" experience.

What's on that crazy list you ask? Take a looksie......

This list has been up since we moved in and whiskey is right at the top. Now we are not just reminding ourselves to put it on the grocery list or to have a crazy weekend....we have a serious objective. We want to drink and order whiskey at a bar like a man. A gentleman. A dude. To us that means straight up or on the rocks. There will not be any silly business with soda mixed in there.

Why did we add this to our list? When you walk into a bar and take a seat to order a drink and you look over and see a girl ordering, not a girly drink but a whiskey straight up, what do you think? Automatically I think a number of things:

  1. I want to be her friend.
  2. She must be hard core.
  3. I must not get on her bad side. 
  4. How does she drink that crap?
Normal thoughts? I think so. Anyways, the roommate and I thought this would be an easy task to cross off the list but we were WRONG. If you've ever tried whiskey without anything to mask the flavor, it can taste like a science experiment gone wrong or dirty fire wood. And that doesn't even cover the feeling of it burning the whole way down. Don't get me wrong, I've done whiskey shots, but slowly sipping whiskey on purpose is a whole new ball game people!

"Good Stuff"

There have been countless attempts to finally accomplish this goal but still no success. Our families even tried to help our weird goal by giving us tips and buying us the "good" whiskies so we could try our luck at home without the embarrassment at a bar. Maybe we will eventually learn to love "drinking like a man" but until then we will always make these types of faces after every drink....

P.S. Notice the last goal? We have yet to cross that one off as well because we can't remember what exactly was the "food by hooka."


  1. Haha! This one made me giggle several times. You are so silly. :) I have never tried drinking whiskey like that before... what do they call it? Whiskey on ice? Or whiskey and water? Yuck.
    Tequila shot please!

  2. You can join our challenge!! People order it as "whiskey neat" or "whiskey on the rocks"

  3. If I remember right... Hooka (or something similar) is a type of tobacco.


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